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Dynamic XPath, often known as custom XPath, is a method of uniquely locating elements. The following XPath expressions can be used to find an exact attribute or reduce the amount of matched nodes/results from a webpage using dynamic XPath: There is a sibling. There is an ancestor.

Right-click >> Inspect on the First Name tab. When you examine the web element, you'll notice an input tag as well as properties like class and id. Using the id and these properties, create an XPath that will find the first name field.

  • Basic XPath. XPath expression selects nodes or lists of nodes on the basis of attributes like
  • ID, name, classname, etc.
  • Contains() Contains() is a method used in an XPath expression.
  • Using OR & AND.
  • Starts-With Function.
  • Text()
  • Using Index:

SelectorsHub is a cssSelector and xPath plugin. It can be used as a smart editor for xpath, cssSelector, jQuery, and JS Path writing and verification. SelectorsHub may also produce the unique xpath and all available selectors automatically. To utilise the SelectorsHub xpath plugin, follow these simple steps: 1.

The main distinction between XPath and CSS selectors is that the former allows us to navigate both forward and backward, whilst the latter only allows us to traverse ahead.

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