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Maven is used to describe the structure of a project, as well as its dependencies, build, and test management. You can configure dependencies for building, testing, and running code using pom. xml (Maven). While constructing the project, Maven automatically downloads the required files from the repository.

The selenium maven dependency is a tool that helps in automating the Selenium tests. It can be used to automate functionalities like web scraping, web crawling, and web testing. The selenium maven dependency can also be used for other purposes as well since it has a flexible architecture.

Selenium is a popular open-source automation tool that is used for web testing. It can be used without an IDE, but it is recommended to use one. If you are using Selenium to automate your tests, then yes you can use it without an IDE. However, it is recommended to use one because the IDE helps with debugging and error messages.

Maven dependencies are used by selenium to load the required libraries and frameworks. The maven dependency manager is a central repository of libraries that can be used by software developers in order to build and maintain applications.

Some of the popular Maven dependencies you can use in Selenium are:

  • Annotations
  • AssertJ
  • CucumberJS
  • Hamcrest

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