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We can find an element using the attribute id with Selenium webdriver using the locators - id, css, or xpath. To identify the element with css, the expression should be tagname[id='value'] and the method to be used is By. cssSelector. To identify the element with xpath, the expression should be //tagname[@id='value'].

Because each element's ID is unique, ID Locator is a frequent approach to identify elements. IDs are the most dependable locators, according to the W3C, because they are expected to be unique on each page. ID locators are the quickest and safest locators available.

The most recommended and fastest way to locate needed WebElements on the page is to use Selenium's ID locator. Each element in the DOM has its own ID Selenium locator. Because each element on the page has a unique ID, it is regarded the quickest and safest way to locate them.

Right-click anywhere on your screen and select Inspect, or use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + SHIFT + I or F12. Right-click anywhere on your screen and select Inspect Element from the context menu.

An element's ID property is an identifier that must be unique across the document. When connecting (using an anchor), scripting, or styling the element, it serves as a unique identifier (with CSS).

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