Course Content

Course Content


  • Gather all of the necessary components.
  • Create an account with BrowserStack.
  • From the Grid Menu, select Automate Tab.
  • Fill in the blanks with the required codes.
  • Use BrowserStack to integrate the changes.

  • Get Java and install it on your computer.
  • Get the Selenium Java Client Driver from the Selenium website.
  • Set up Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse.
  • Run the Selenium WebDriver script for the first time.

A test script is a set of instructions for autonomously testing an application. In a manual testing environment, Test Cases are employed. In the automation testing environment, Test Script is employed. It's done by hand. It is carried out in accordance with the scripting format.

The executeScript command in Selenium can be used to run JavaScript instructions. The command window. stop() is supplied as an argument to the executeScript method to stop a page from loading. In addition, for the Chrome browser, we must set the pageLoadStrategy to none and wait for the web element to load.

  • Create a new test case.
  • Click the Create Test Script icon in the Test Scripts section of the test case ( ).
  • In the Name area of the New Test Script dialogue box, provide a descriptive name that
  • describes the script's purpose.
  • Optional: Make a brief description.
  • By default, the type is Manual.
  • Click the OK button.

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