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WebDriver is a remote control interface for user agents that allows introspection and control. It provides a platform- and language-agnostic wire protocol that allows out-of-process programmes to remotely control web browser behaviour.

Selenium WebDriver is a web framework for performing cross-browser testing. This programme is used to test web-based applications to ensure that they work as expected. To write test scripts, Selenium WebDriver lets you choose a programming language.

The installation of Selenium WebDriver is divided into four steps:

  • Java 8 or above must be downloaded and installed.
  • Install and configure Eclipse or any other Java IDE you choose.
  • Java Client for Selenium WebDriver is available for download.
  • Configure Selenium WebDriver to your liking.

WebDriver Architecture is made up of four main components: Language Bindings for Selenium. JSON Wire Protocol is a protocol for exchanging data in JSON format.

WebDriver is a Selenium interface that can be found in jar files. The webDriver reference variable is called driver. We use the term new to make a new instance of the class. In addition, Selenium already has a class called FireFoxDriver(). As a result, you can import it and use it for your test.

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