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Course Content


  • Start the browser.
  • Using the element id, select the Old Style Select Menu.
  • Print the dropdown's whole list of selections.
  • Using the index, find 'Purple.'
  • Then, using visible text, select 'Magenta.'
  • Value is used to select an option.
  • Close your web browser.

Select is an ordinary class, so its object is also created by a New keyword with regular class creation syntax. The standard syntax of Select Class is as: -

  • Types of Select Methods: selectByVisibleText Method.
  • SelectByVisibleText Method.
  • select index Method.
  • selectByValue Method.

selectByValue(): You can select an option in a dropdown menu by using the Value property provided for each option. As a result, you can use this Value to select any of the following options: driver is a WebElement element.

With the aid of the Actions class, we can conduct drag and drop actions in Selenium. The dragAndDrop (source, target) method will be used to conduct the drag and drop movement. Finally, use build (). perform() is used to carry out all of the steps.

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