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The keyboard actions sample program can be used to simulate user's keystrokes on a website or application. It is also used to verify that the UI of the website does not break when certain keys are pressed.

There are three types of keyboard actions that are available in Selenium:

  • Keyword actions
  • Mouse actions
  • Scripting actions.

  • Improving the speed of your typing and making you more efficient in general
  • Improving your productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks
  • Helping you reduce repetitive strain injuries
  • Saving time by increasing productivity, improving accuracy and reducing errors.
  • Reducing errors, improving accuracy and increasing productivity by taking away from the need for constant switching between software tools.

The first step in writing a keyboard action program for Selenium is to create the function that will trigger the key press on the website. This function should return the text that has been typed by the user. The second step is to create a new browser window with this text and open it on your computer screen so that you can see what has been typed by the user. Lastly, you should close your browser window after this text has been displayed on your desktop screen.

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