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Software Testing Course in Hindi

Software Testing is an integral part of the Software development process due to the need of delivering a defect-free software product. This is why we offer complete Software Testing Tutorial in Hindi and other vernacular languages, including the theory and practical aspects of Manual Software Testing to build a successful career and Job in the field of QA and Software Testing.

This 100% Free Video Software Testing Tutorial is designed to offer a complete Software Testing course focused on the Fundamentals of Testing, Types of Testing, Testing Techniques, Methods, SDLC, Development models and Defect management.

Our Software Testing video tutorials will also cover manual testing with definitions and software testing concepts and tools. Each topic is explained using easy to understand Language - Hindi with Real Live Project Examples that you wouldn’t find at any Software Testing Classes. Once you are through with all the important Software Testing concepts, you can take a look at the project for a complete overview of how to write test cases and prepare bug reports for any application being tested. After successful completion of the Software Testing Course, you would be able to test various web applications and master on how to develop different Test Cases and Scenarios.

By the end of the Software Testing Course, you will be able to appear Domestic and International Software Testing Certification Tests like ISTQB.

Why Should You Learn Software Testing?

Software Testing is an indispensable activity involved in the software development process. The requirement of qualified software testers has always been on the rise as quality plays a crucial role in software development. Go that extra mile by taking the manual testing tutorial with LearnVern.

Who can take this course

Who Can Take Our Free Software Testing Course?

Students who would like to make their career in Software Testing and QA or professionals who want to do testing of their own applications by enhancing their knowledge can take this online software testing course.




Requirements for Our Online Software Testing Tutorial:

Although there are no technical prerequisites for this course, basic computer knowledge, strong logical and analytical skills, and excellent communication skills can help make the most of the training.

Course Curriculum
How Can LearnVern Help?

Why Choose LearnVern for Software Testing

The Software Testing Training at LearnVern has been carefully designed and developed in collaboration with domain experts to ensure that all essential software testing basics are covered in-depth and practical examples that illustrate and demonstrate each concept are included effectively. The biggest advantage that you get when you learn software testing with LearnVern is that its courses are available in vernacular languages and are complete with graphics, images and demonstration videos that are easy to understand, impactful, and facilitate maximum retention. LearnVern’s software testing course is available for Android devices. By downloading the courses, you can access the content offline to facilitate learning on the go. we also offer software testing certification to those who successfully complete the course.

Frequently Asked Questions About Software Testing Course Programming

Why Should I Learn Software Testing?

Software testing is poised to see a boom in demand in the coming years. As the demand for software developers grows, the increase in demand for software testing professionals is set to grow too. LearnVern offers a comprehensive online software testing course online for free and gives you a balanced exposure to the fundamentals of software testing, allowing you to grasp theoretical and practical aspects of the program effectively. Our course combines the expertise of domain and industry experts to ensure our learners are industry-ready on completion of the training.

What Does LearnVern’s Software Testing Course Offer?

LearnVern’s Software Testing Course or automation testing course is available in Hindi and other vernacular languages, which means you can take the course in the language that you are most comfortable in. It covers essentials of software testing ranging from definitions, types of testing, concepts and tools, etc. You will also have the opportunity to witness real live project examples for better retention of theoretical concepts. At the end of the Software Testing Course, you will be able to test various web applications independently and even appear for Domestic and International Software Testing Certification Tests.

What Jobs Can I Look at Post the Software Testing Course?

On completion of LearnVern’s Software Testing Course, you can apply for jobs as a QA Analyst, Software test engineer, QA team coordinator, test manager, and more.

Can I Access the Course Offline?

Yes. LearnVern is available on the web and Android platforms. While you can take the Software Testing Tutorial online on our website, you can also download our app, learn on the go, and access lessons and learning modules on our app when offline. You can share this downloaded content with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

Do I Get a Certification on Completion of the Course?

Yes. At LearnVern, you can get a certificate for completing the Software Testing Course. Although the course is free of cost, a nominal fee of Rs 500 can get you the SkillIndia certificate issued by the National Skill Development Corporation and recognized across the country. It can help you go a long way in building your career in the IT industry.

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good course
Padhya Chintan
This course is very important to knowledge improve
Akshay Patil
it was very helpful to me thank you so much..
Monika Ade
Easily understand
Sandip Mahajan
Sir plz give contact no. I have certificate
Sudhir Patil
The teaching method is best and also notes are very useful it's a best online course.thank you....
Great work by team #learnvern
patel dhrumil
The quality of teaching is good and easy to understand.
it was very easy to understand
Sarfaraj Shaikh
very good course its very help full to me
Pankaj Katel
i enjoy and good for all QA student ,this is the best I had ever took online QA course. Best of the best. Thank you very much.
Palak Vaishnav78
raj nk
Very nice
akshay patil
Easy to understand
Shrawani Kajal
quiz questions are little diffcult
CS Madhan Lal
Very good
Dhruvisha Patel
I feel great by learning from this app also the tutor explained very well. Thankyou
Ankit Sharma
This course is very helpful.I learn many new things from this course.The tutor was very good and have a good knowledge.
M Haseeb Latif
good job
Priyanka Dnyaneshwar Patil
was very helpful and clear understanding of testing techniques.
Bhagyashree joshi
Punam Rokade
Software testing
Nishant Kaushik
This course is easy to understand.
Dixit Patel
very nice
Abhishek Mishra
Task completed
Swapnil Titre
Great teaching...Thanks a lot :)
shalini dixit
Way of teaching is good. Good examples was taken
Hardik Chaudhari
very easy to understand
Pallavi Sapkale
Easy to understand and all points covered
Surbhi Taneja
Easy language with many simple examples. Easy to understand very Useful with proper demonstration using ppts
it is very good course
Jitendra Bagul
nice teaching
surbhih singh
Naveen sharma
Vishal GUPTA
Very nice teaching and very helpful.
Varsha Bodkhe
Easy to Understand
Syed Muhammad Shahab
Farhan A
Aishwarya Gaonkar
certificate not provided
Ashutosh Patil
Suresh Choudhary
course is good
Yash Beniwal
prajakta deshpande
easy to understand
i m
thanks learnvern
Ankit bhardwaj
thank you
mokshada bhadavalkar
study for life
bhavana gawande
I thought the course was well organized ,clear and easy to follow and instructor very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills.
Pawan Zambare
Gururaj Mp
Dharmendra Gupta
nicely covered and explained the topics
priyanka bhor
Very good
Excellent course content and explanation
satish chand
very good
Gaming World
Good course but you should implement more live example of testing
Vinayak Tech & Mysteries
Thanks you learnvern for this free course
Swati Parhad
It's a really good.
Sushil Senapati
Priyanka Gupta
please provide scripting using chrome browser.
Syed Ahmed Raza Shah
I Like This Course
Dhruv Patel
It good for beginners who want to learn software testing
Shubham Chaudhary
Brilliant course
uday panchal
Happy for this learning
Manoj Kumar
it was very interesting and very knowledgeable course
Best course
supriya panda
parmod kumar
Prerna tyagi
Yogita Chouhan
its an amazing platform for learning
Shubham Dwivedi
Awesome experience
Ankur Agrawal
it is a up too mark course
Shubham Kumar
sunil dandge
Suhas fhadtre
I love to your teaching technique and main its absolutely free. Thank you so much for extremely nice courses
Sonu Kumar
Language in hindi to means are understand throw our language
the way of explanation is very good.
Rekha Gaur
Excellent course with precise and informative & knowledgeable and highly skilled Tutor or Speaker . Will deifinetely highly recommend and quite impressed . Excellent Presentation and Clear videos easy to learn and understand. Many thanks
Akshay Urunkar
Nice informarion provide
Hemprakash Gamot
Excellent Course made for the software tester from start to end Amazing Experience Shared by creator Thanks for the Free but valuable Information Keep it up
Arjunmalviya Malviya
Prasanth S
satheesh narayanasami
This course briefly describes the software testing methodologies
Sagar Thakar
Good Video & Topic Covered...
Prajyot Gaikwad
This is very helpful course .
Abhishek Kumar
easy to understand
Maheshwari Dighade
Good best better ???? I like it this course and this side web side
monika thakur
It's good for knowledge
amazing experience!!!
Darshan pal saraswat
Best course
anshu rani anshu rani
Beginner user easily understand the concept.
Ehtisham Kiyani
The overall teaching method was excellent. The problems which i faced login functionality mark button takes time next chapter click takes time crashed one time in master quiz question number 39 i think there is a problem of server while loading overall it was a great experience. thanks
The way of teaching is fantastic, and the design of course is also a great job.It is very very helpfull for beginners.
Tej Singh
Amit Kumar Srivastava
Good for Beginners...
Vivek Lodaliya
Rohit Raj
This is good course for begginers.
pankaj kumar sinha
Good course for beginners
Shivam Shekhar
this course is one of the best of software testing
Jagruti Talele
Explained very nice and easy to understand
Zubair Rahim
The course was good but it only include black-box testing and there are a lack of projects
Arshiya Latheef
Good course with excellent e-learning facilities provided by the entire team of LearnVern . I am able to understand this course pretty well all thanks to LearnVern
Arjun Patil
Good Explanation Part
Saku Raina
software testing
Hassnath Jimi
Upender Singh
Excellent Course
bhavesh pamar
Easy to understand because of the animated effect.
Arfan Malik
Many thanks, learnt many new things..
manoj kumar
learn Vern given an opportunity for learn me software testing. every lecture is design in smart way. and use easy language to understand fresh students.
Jeevan Kumar
Very good and very effective teaching style
Shaleen G Lawrence
The videos were excellent. the sound was clear and I understood every concept. the instructor was just superb 1
Zeal Zeal
Good explanation.
vipul sharma
It is really help a lot to understand the process of testing.
tofik kaida
Very nice to understand with proper examples . .
Balaji Pandagale
overall course was excellent
Nasir Khan
I quickly learned the in native language. Thank You!
I was very keen to learn software testing, so I was looking for different sites then I came to know about learn vern and believe me they are doing very good job. They way he was explaining was simple and awesome
nice coaching
Very useful for carrer guidance
vaishnavi varshney
tutorials were easy to understand
Deb Das
Complete and Practical course of software testing
pratik pare
This was exactly what I wanted.
Jayabrata Bhattacharjee
explained thoroughly.
Animisha Parmar
Gaurav Bothra
The online course is really very good providing insights about the testing principles and other know-hows
Sonam Sharma
very good explanation
Anupam Deep
It was good
Anurag Chakrabortty
The course was presented in a lucid manner and was very well explained and really helpful for a beginner.
5/5 for this course
really gained some knowledge
Divyang jani
thanks for helping me
Ankit Ankit
This training is very helpful for me.
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Nice expalanation
Er.Mithun Kumar
it is the good platform to learn in quick and very less amount of time . thanks learnvern team ..
Suryansh Singh
very good course
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the qa tutorials are really well made
Pathik Gandhi
Material for software testing is very excellent. Easy to understand through these video series/// Thank you Learn Vern....
Hey heyy i wanted to become a good QA in future, now i'm sure that now i can be a good QA, so thanx alot LearnVern....
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The Course is very easy to understand.real life example,visuals make it more interesting and helpful.superb course Learnvern.
Piyush Sharma
I was learn with LEARNVERN that was very easy to learn software testing.
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