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Joints are a crucial part of 3D modeling, connecting two surfaces to form a single entity. They can be built from collars, caps, fillets and more. Joints can be created in Autodesk Inventor with different types of constraints such as linear and circular.

Place joints are used to join two or more parts of the same object. These joints typically consist of one or more features, such as a fillet. Place joints can be defined by any number of parameters and are available in both the free and professional versions of Autodesk Inventor.

Place joints are used to connect the ends of two pieces of a part that have been shaped at an angle or within an angle. The location of the joint is controlled by specifying a point on one piece and a point on the other.

In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of how to create a joint in Inventor. A joint is a way to connect two surfaces together. For example, creating a joint in Autodesk Inventor can help you create hinges that move with the user's finger or the point on which they are clicking on the screen.

In Autodesk Inventor, a joint is a device that provides constraints to two or more bodies. It can be used to constrain rotational movement or linear movement. Joints are commonly seen in the mechanical design field and are often the central point of control for machine parts.

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