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The fillet shape is one of the most basic shapes in Autodesk Inventor. An Autodesk fillet is a rounded, smooth curve that extends from one edge to another. The fillet can be created by either extruding a curve or by drawing and editing a path as it crosses an edge.

An offset from an edge and an angle from one face to the offset define a chamfer. Any or all edges of a specified face can be chamfered at the same time: Two Distinction Creates a chamfer on a single edge with a predetermined distance between each face.

Autodesk Inventor is a design software that helps engineers and designers create a variety of products. It can be used to make parts for cars, toys, and even jewelry. In this tutorial, we will show you the steps of creating a fillet in Autodesk Inventor.

Construct Chamfers: 1 Select the 3D Model tab. Change the chamfer on the panel. 2 Select a method on the Chamfer tab. 3 Chamfer the edge, edges, or face and edges that you want to chamfer. 4 Determine the chamfer's size. 5 (Optional) Click Flip to alter the direction of the chamfer distances if you used the two-distance method to define the chamfer.

Fillets are rounded corners on a design (or part) that help to decrease stresses and avoid rapid deformation. Chamfers, on the other hand, are the sloped or slanted edges of a design or item (typically at 45° or 60°).

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