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Fillet is a common operation in engineering which you can do in Autodesk Inventor. Fillet creates a rounded, wedge-shaped profile on a rectangular cross-section. Fillets can be created by extruding the material from one face of the profile and then rounding the edges with a round fillet tool.

Chamfer is a term used in Autodesk Inventor when creating a new shape. It can be useful when making connecting surfaces to each other.

To make slanted edges in AutoCAD, use the chamfer command. The lines 1 and 2 are the ones that have been chosen. The chamfer can be made by setting the chamfer distance or angle. On the command line or command prompt, type CHA or chamfer and hit Enter.

Fillets are rounded corners on a design (or part) that help to decrease stresses and avoid rapid deformation. Chamfers, on the other hand, are the sloped or slanted edges of a design or item (typically at 45° or 60°).

Fillets are used to reduce interference drag when aircraft components such as wings, struts, and other surfaces meet one another for aerodynamic reasons. Concave corners are sometimes filled to allow round-tipped end mills to cut away an area of a material in production.

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