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A cut feature is a feature that is removed from a 3D model, including the top and bottom surfaces. The cut feature can be used to create more complex shapes and to perform different operations on the 3D model.

A corner feature is used for creating arcs and bends in objects. It is usually created by using the shape of the object. You can use it to form a 3D object with a sharp corner, like a door handle, or use it to smooth out an existing sharp edge on an object.

A chamfer is one of the most important features that any piece of wood has and it should be taken into consideration when buying, storing, or transporting them. There are many different types and uses for chamfers that you should know about before you start using them.

A radius is a line that extends from a point to the circumference of a circle. A chamfer is the part of an edge or surface that forms an angle with the plane on which it lies. Radius: The distance from any point on one side of the circle to the same point on the other side. Chamfer: The amount of material removed from an edge or surface, such as at an angle, to create an edge or surface with a more gradual slope.

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