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A base view is a planar or two-dimensional view of a 3D model that is commonly used by CAD software. The base view can be rotated and scaled to create the desired perspective.

From a base view, the projected view command generates orthographic and isometric views. On the View Preferences tab of the Standard style, you can choose between first- and third-angle views. Select the Place Views tab from the ribbon. Create a Projected panel. Choose the projection's parent view.

A projected view allows you to see your 3D model in a flattened 2D representation. This allows you to easily and quickly look at different components of your design.

The base view is the unique user interface of Autodesk Inventor that is accessible to all users. The projected view is the same as the base view but with a few changes. The projected view shows certain components that would normally be hidden in a default configuration.

The Autodesk Inventor Projection tool allows you to project a particular view of your design from any angle. This can help engineers and designers see changes they may have overlooked or better understand the design.

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