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  • contour flange
  • Contour Roll
  • Hem
  • Loft Flange

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Contour roll is a shape in Autodesk Inventor that is generated when cutting a shape with a tool. It is a type of geometry that automatically has its top and bottom surfaces parallel to the surface of the workpiece.

Hem Tools in Autodesk Inventor is a special feature that is used to make the model of an object. There are many unique attributes of Hem tools that can make the modeling process much easier.

Contours can be used in Autodesk Inventor to create parts that conform to a specific surface. This is helpful for creating parts with smooth curves, sharp corners, and other complex surfaces.

A contour roll is a type of cylindrical profile that keeps materials from running out of the workpiece. The shape of a contour roll is optimized to resist deformation, such as cracking, under load. It can be made from various materials such as thermoplastics and metal.

A contour is a continuous edge of a surface that is defined by two or more curves. A flange, on the other hand, does not have any curvature and is used mainly to secure or mount objects such as pipe.

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