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A corner seam is a type of edge in Autodesk Inventor. It is created when the edges of two faces meet at an angle or a sharp corner. The corner seam is used to create a fillet on the edge of the face.

Between the sheet metal faces, create a corner seam. Make seams between intersecting or coplanar faces. Click Sheet Metal tab Modify panel Corner Seam on the ribbon. On each of two neighbouring sheet metal faces, choose a model edge. Accept the default seam type or choose one of the other three.

Corner seams are typically used for the top and bottom of a piece of fabric. There are three different types of corner seams: 1. French seam: This is a straight line that goes from one side to the other, going through the center of the fabric. 2. Overlock seam: This is also a straight line that goes from one side to the other, but it is sewn into two pieces before it crosses over itself. 3. Blind hem: This is where you sew both sides together at an angle, making sure not to go through any part of the fabric in between them.

A corner seam is a type of seam that is sewn into the corner of a garment. It is sewn from one side to the other, with the fabric being folded in half and then sewn in place. There are many different ways to sew a corner seam, depending on what type of fabric you are sewing with and what kind of edge you want your finished product to have.

The advantages of using a partial corner seam are that it is easy to sew and produces a neat, clean finish on both sides. The disadvantage is that you cannot use it for very large pieces because the arc in the seam will show on one side of the fabric.

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