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Selenium, being a cluster of tools is highly used for automating Web Applications. Equip yourselves with this open source automation tool with LearnVern’s Selenium course as it has been designed to make learning Selenium in an easy and efficient manner.

Beginning with the introduction to Selenium, we would be gradually moving to advanced topics like selenium grid, junit, testnj etc. The course comprises of practical demos of every topic so that you can explore how to work with data driven, keyword driven, module driven and hybrid driven frameworks. We also recommend you to work out the sample programs on your own after reviewing them with LearnVern as it gives you a hold on the tool.

Why learn Selenium?

 When we think of automation testing, the first thought generally revolves around Selenium being an open source and helps testers to automate testing of web-based applications more proficiently. Selenium has achieved its position in the IT industry owing to adoption of agile methodologies by major companies.

There is a huge demand for Selenium professionals as it supports multiple web browsers and operating systems. Being a strong software testing framework, Selenium have been in high demand by major tech biggies such as Thoughtworks, Google etc, and as such a rise in the need of skilled Selenium professionals.

 Who can learn this course?

If you are looking for a career in automation testing using Selenium and already hold an understanding of Java or those who do not have the knowledge of Java but want to make their career as Selenium professionals can refer our Core Java course and then learn Selenium.

Manual testers who want to move to Selenium would also find the course beneficial.


Basic knowledge of Java

Understanding of HTML


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Selenium
Introduction to Selenium 00:07:41
Introduction to Selenium Quiz Unlimited
Different Flavours of Selenium 00:05:25
Different Flavors in Selenium Quiz Unlimited
Selenium Web Driver
Selenium Web Driver 00:07:40
Selenium Web-Driver Quiz Unlimited
Locators and Identifiers
Locators and Identifiers 00:09:41
Selenium Locators & Object Identification Quiz Unlimited
Locating Elements by ID 00:07:13
Finding Elements by CSS 00:06:30
Special IDE Commands 00:07:16
Selenium IDE Quiz Unlimited
Sample Program in Web Driver
Sample Program in Web Driver 00:00:00
Selenium Sample Programs in Webdriver Quiz Unlimited
Button, Check box and Radio Button in Selenium 00:06:09
Dropdown element in Selenium 00:02:55
Sample Webelement program 00:20:25
Wait in Selenium 00:06:44
Handling Alertbox in Selenium 00:02:40
Alertfunction sample program 00:12:29
Alerthandler example in Selenium 00:06:47
Alertverification sample program in Selenium 00:04:55
Keyboard and Mouse Actions in Selenium 00:03:50
Keyboard actions sample program 00:08:19
Handling Multiple Tabs in Selenium 00:06:10
Customized X-path in Selenium 00:03:33
Web Table in Selenium 00:11:10
Dynamic Web Table 00:08:13
Junit Framework
JUnit Framework in Selenium 00:04:24
Junit FrameWork in Selenium Quiz Unlimited
JUnit Annotations 00:05:51
JUnit Methods in Selenium 00:02:59
Test NG Frame work
Overview of TestNG 00:03:03
TestNG FrameWork Quiz Unlimited
Environment of TestNG 00:03:59
Example of TestNG 00:08:02
Features of TestNG 00:09:12
Parameterised Test example 00:05:10
Working with multiple browser
Working with multiple browsers in Selenium 00:02:16
Working with Multiple Browsers in Selenium Quiz 00:00:00
Working with Chrome and IE Browser in Selenium 00:02:47
Firefox Profile in Selenium 00:12:20
Advance Web Driver
Advance Web Driver 00:12:12
Webdriver Advanced in Selenium Quiz Unlimited
JXL Program in Selenium 00:15:06
Reading from property files in Selenium 07:34:00
Automation Framework
Automation Framework 00:04:26
Automation Test Frame Work in Selenium Quiz Unlimited
Datadriven Framework example 00:04:13
Data driven frame work Continued 00:14:49
Module Drive Framework Example 00:11:13
Hybrid Framework Example 00:06:03
Keyword Driven Example 00:20:56
Getting started with Maven 00:01:17
High Level Overview of Maven 00:05:47
Maven Project 00:05:31
Maven Project Management Tool in Selenium Quiz Unlimited
Maven Structure 00:03:36
Maven Dependencies 00:03:42
Maven Dependencies and Scopes 00:05:28
Maven Repositories 00:06:44

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