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RVM gains the ability to manipulate the environment it is run in when it is used as a shell function (by sourcing the scripts/rvm file, either in your shell profile files or, in the case of scripting, directly in your script), namely, rvm use and rvm gemset use operate as expected, switching the GEM HOME, PATH, and other variables.

Multiple automated valuation models that use proprietary algorithms to generate an estimated property value are the outcome of the Realtors Valuation Model (RVM) and AVM estimated values.

Some of the functions that RVM offers include:

  • Managing Ruby versions
  • Installing and managing gems
  • Installing and managing plugins
  • Creating environments for projects

2. The most recent stable version is 3.1.2 Please read Ruby's License carefully.

RVM functions allow you to execute a command or function on all objects within a given scope, such as an entire class or module. The key benefit of using these functions is that they can be used without any additional code and with minimal syntax, saving time for developers who use them frequently in their codebase.

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