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The ones complement operator is a unary operator which inverts all the bits of its operand. It is denoted by "~" and sometimes written as "bitwise not". The ones complement operation changes all 0s to 1s and all 1s to 0s.

The Ones Complement operator reverses the bits in an integer. For example, if you take the number 11101010 and apply the Ones Complement operator to it, it would become 10101010.

The ones complement operator is necessary to represent the negative numbers in binary form. The ones complement operator is denoted by an overbar (‘’), which means that it complements the value of all bits by 1. For example, if a number is represented in binary as 1011, then the ones complement of this number would be 1100, which can also be written as a −5.

In Ruby, the ones complement operator (~) can be used to flip all the bits in an integer. This is useful for converting between signed and unsigned integers or converting to a different number base.

It is used to convert a number from one binary format to another. For example, if we have an 8-bit number (with only 8 different digits), we can use this operator to convert it into a 16-bit number by adding 1 to each digit and inverting the digits.

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