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  • The for loop is used to iterate over a sequence of values. It can be used to create a list, print out the numbers from 1-10, or even do something more complex like iterating through an array of numbers and adding them up.
  • The if statement is more versatile and can be used in a lot of different ways. It’s used when you want to execute a block of code only if the condition is met. You can also use it when you want to execute code for every element in an array, or when you want to check whether something is true or false.

A break statement in Ruby is used to interrupt the execution of a loop in a programme. It is commonly used in while loops, where the value is printed until the condition is true, at which point the loop is terminated by the break statement. In these examples, the break statement is combined with the if statement. The operation will be halted if you use the break statement.

The for loop allows you to reuse your code. We don't have to rewrite the same code again and over. The elements of data structures can be traversed (array or linked lists).

A for loop is used when you want to repeat a block of code. You can use it to iterate over an array, an object or a range.

  • Here's an example:
  • for x in 0..10 do
  • puts x end

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