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The while loop in Ruby executes a condition while it is true. When the condition is false, the while loop is terminated.

The while loop is a programming construct that repeats a block of code an undetermined number of times until a condition is met. Let's imagine we want to know how many times we can divide a certain integer by 2 before it becomes less than or equal toac 1.

The while loop begins with the evaluation of condition. The code in the code block is executed if the condition evaluates to true. The code in the code block is not run and the loop stops if condition evaluates to false.

A while loop is a control flow statement in most computer programming languages that allows code to be performed repeatedly based on a supplied Boolean condition. The while loop is similar to a looping if statement.

  • It executes the code block in order, so it's easy to count how many times the loop has been executed.
  • It can be used with any type of data type.
  • It's easier to debug than other loops.

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