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A break statement in Ruby is used to interrupt the execution of a loop in a program. It is commonly used in while loops, where the value is printed until the condition is true, at which point the loop is terminated by the break statement. In these examples, the break statement is combined with the if statement. The operation will be halted if you use the break statement.

Break is a function that is called from within a loop. It will place you after the innermost loop you are currently in. return is a method that is called from within another method. It will return the value you provide and place you immediately after where you were called.

  • The break statement is a Ruby keyword that lets you terminate a loop.
  • The break statement has the following syntax:
  • break;
  • This will stop the execution of the loop and return control to the line after the loop.

The break statement is one of the most important statements in any programming language. It allows you to stop executing a loop and take a break from execution. It is used in loops that iterate through a collection of items.

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