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Integer indexes are used to access array elements. The array index starts at 0 and continues until the array size is negative 1. The array's name is also a pointer to the array's first element.

The simplest approach to print the contents of an array is to pass the array as a parameter to the puts or print method. On a separate line, each element is printed. The output is more readable when the examine method is used. The line outputs the array's string representation to the terminal.

The elements are saved in the data[] integer array. The array's elements are then accessed using pointer notation. By the way, data[0] is the same as *data, whereas &data[0] is the same as data.

  • We must use Array to remove the first element of an array.
  • The Array.pop or Array.pop() command can be used to remove the last element of an array.
  • Use the Array.delete at(index) command to remove an element from an array at a specific index.

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