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  • It can be used to set a value once, and then it will be available for all the other classes in the same file.
  • It can also be used to set a value for all the classes in the same project.
  • Constant is easy to read and understand because it uses snake case notation (e.g., CONSTANT_NAME).

  • Variables are containers that can hold any kind of data. They can be used to store numbers, letters, or even complex mathematical expressions.
  • Constant values are fixed values that cannot be changed. Constants are often used to store a number, letter or a combination of both.

The syntax for defining constants in Ruby is:

  • CONST = "value"
  • # Constants can be assigned values at the time of their definition.

Constant: A constant is a fixed value that can be utilised in algebraic expressions and equations. A constant has a fixed value that does not vary over time. The size of a shoe, a cloth, or any other item of clothing, for example, will not change at any time.

The value of a constant variable cannot be changed or updated anywhere in your application. When a constant variable is declared, it must be initialised.

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