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The =begin token starts a multi-line comment and the =end token finishes it. These tokens should be placed at the start of the line and should be the only thing on it. The Ruby interpreter ignores everything between these two tokens. The Ruby interpreter disregards lines.

UPDATE: In TextMate, Cmd + / toggles commenting every line in a selection regardless of language, if you have the correct language selected.

One or more lines of narrative are contained within a set of comment delimiters in multi-line comments. The comment begins with the /* delimiter and ends with the */ delimiter. You can have many lines in your comment, and anything between the delimiters is considered a comment.

Before the line to be remarked, the hash character should be used. In Python, single-line comments can be combined to form multiline comments. The interpreter stops the first two lines from being executed because they include the hash character(#).

Multiline comments are used to comment out parts of code while debugging applications or for extensive text descriptions of code. The compiler disregards comments.

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