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The hash size() method is used to calculate the number of items in an array. The code below calculates the number of items in an array and prints it out.

  • var myArray = ["a", "b", "c"];
  • var size = myArray.length;
  • console.log("There are " + size + " items in myArray");

The hash size() method is used to calculate the number of bytes in a given string. This can be done by taking the hash code and dividing it by two. The remainder is the number of bytes in the string.

The benefits of using Hash include:

  • Increased productivity: Hash can be used for any kind of task which means you can use one language for everything you do which saves a lot of time and effort.

We'll utilise two sorting methods in Ruby to sort a hash without requiring special algorithms: sort and sort_by. We may sort the values in a hash by various parameters using the built-in methods.

  • Hash.length() is the syntax
  • Hash values are a parameter.
  • The number of key-value pairs in the hash is returned.

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