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In RStudio, pressing Alt and the - key at the same moment will type - in a single keystroke. Here are some guidelines for naming things in R. Any name, such as x, current temperature, or subject id, can be provided to an object. You want your object names to be clear and concise.

To retrieve a vector of character strings containing the names of all items in the environment, use the objects() or ls() functions. The names in the result are arranged in alphabetical order. The objects returned by default are from the environment when ls() or objects() was called. It is possible to use a different name for the environment.

  • Double-check your spelling to ensure that it is identical in both circumstances. If necessary, I used copy and paste to get things right.
  • Double-check that you've truly declared the object.
  • Check to see if the routine was called before you defined the object for a reason.

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