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  • Using c() Function. To create a vector, we use the c() function: Code: > vec <- c(1,2,3,4,5) #creates a vector named vec.
  • The assign() method is used. The assign() method is another technique to make a vector.
  • digit code operator is being used. The: operator is a simple way to create integer vectors. Code:

Concatenating strings can be done with the "+" operator. The function converts data into a string format.

In R, the + operator is used to combine vectors. You must consider the recycling rule when adding vectors. There is no problem if the two vectors are of identical length. If the lengths of the vectors differ, the lesser one is repeated until it equals the length of the longer one.

Use the paste() function in R programming to concatenate strings. The paste() function's syntax for concatenating two or more strings. comma-separated input strings

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