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The Sys. Date() function can be used to get the current system date.

To convert character data to dates, use the as. Date() function. Date(x, "format") is the format, with x being the character data and format being the suitable format.

Date() is a function that returns a date. When working with dates, the most fundamental function we employ is as. Date() is a function that returns a date. In R programming, we can use this function to construct a date value (without the time). Through the format = option, it also allows for a variety of date value input formats.

The as. Date() method in R can be used to build a Date object from a simple character string. The character string must follow a format defined by a set of symbols (the following examples relate to January 13, 1982): % Y: year with four digits (1982)

In tables, date data can be represented as integers or characters. Date values should be transformed to a R date object class or a POSIXct / POSIXt object class to be properly read by R as dates.

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