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The R function install. packages() can be used to quickly install the ggplot2 package. The preceding code will download and install the ggplot2 package from the CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) repository.

The package is ggplot2, and the main function is ggplot().

The R package ggplot2 is dedicated to data visualisation. It may considerably increase the quality and beauty of your graphics while also increasing your productivity. ggplot2 allows you to create practically any chart.

The function ggplot(), which takes two inputs, is used to create a graph. The first point to consider is the data's source. The second option converts the data components of interest into graph components. This argument is the aes() method, which stands for aesthetic mapping.

ggplot2 is a data visualisation R package/phenomenon. Hadley Wickham, possibly the most influential statistician/data scientist on the planet (in my opinion), designed it. It's one of the most well-maintained, significant, and well-designed R packages.

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