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Product texturing is the process of creating a texture map to be applied on objects in order to give them a more realistic, natural, or artistic look. Lighting refers to the physical light that is emitted by an object in order to illuminate it.

Texturing is the technique of adding materials to an object in order to change its appearance and lighting is the process of simulating the effects of natural or artificial light from one or more sources.

Texturing and lighting are some of the most difficult aspects for developers to master. The following is a list of tips to help you get started with texturing and lighting.


  • Acquire a more powerful GPU if possible - GPUs are the most important aspect of texturing and lighting. They allow you to create more detailed textures at higher resolutions with lower load times.
  • Make sure that your system has enough RAM - Textures take up a lot of resources in games, so having enough RAM will ensure that your game doesn't crash due to memory issues.
  • Don't worry about texture size - This is important because it means you can use textures that are more detailed but have smaller file sizes. This allows for better performance at the cost of detail in textures.

Texturing is the process of adding a 2D image or image-based texture to a 3D model. Lighting is the process of adding light to a scene, usually by using global illumination. Together, they create an incredibly realistic appearance while retaining good performance on the GPU.

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