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  • Introductin to keras

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By combining incentive feedback and a series of target task examples, demonstration-guided reinforcement learning (RL) is a promising method for learning complicated behaviours.

RLED (reinforcement learning from expert demonstrations) is a combination of imitation and reinforcement learning that aims to combine the two learning methodologies. RLED improves sample efficiency in high-dimensional spaces by using demonstration trajectories.

Teacher demonstrations are valuable because they provide students with hands-on encounters with real-world events, phenomena, and processes, which aids their learning. motivate and pique the interest of students allow you to draw pupils' attention to a specific phenomenon or event, such as a food starch test.

Keras adheres to best practises for lowering cognitive load, such as providing consistent and straightforward APIs, limiting the number of user activities necessary for common use cases, and providing clear and responsive feedback in the event of a user error. Keras is simple to learn and use as a result of this.

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