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  • Hyperparameter Tuning

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Spearmint (hyperparameter optimization using Gaussian processes) and Hyperopt are two examples of smart hyper-parameters (hyperparameter optimization using Tree-based estimators).

The process of hyper parameter adjustment (optimization) is an important part of machine learning. A proper selection of hyperparameters might help a model achieve the intended metric value or, on the other hand, can lead to an endless cycle of training and optimization.

Grid search is the most fundamental way of hyperparameter tweaking. We simply generate a model for each conceivable combination of all of the hyperparameter values provided, evaluate each model, and choose the architecture that delivers the best results using this technique.

Hyperparameters are significant because they directly regulate the training algorithm's behaviour and have a major impact on the model's performance. "A well-chosen set of hyperparameters can make an algorithm really shine."

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