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Customer segmentation divides a market into many different groups of customers with comparable qualities. Market segmentation is a powerful tool for defining and meeting client needs.

Mall Customers Prediction is a tool designed to help you make informed decisions when shopping on the web. Through this tool, you will be able to get an idea of how your products or services may be perceived by different people.

In a corporate setting, a clustering algorithm is a technique that aids customer segmentation, which is the process of grouping consumers that have similar characteristics into the same segment. In terms of both static demographics and dynamic behaviours, the clustering algorithm aids in a better understanding of clients.

Clusters with a predetermined order from top to bottom are created using hierarchical clustering. All files and folders on the hard disc, for example, are arranged in a hierarchy. Divisive and Agglomerative hierarchical clustering are the two types of hierarchical clustering.

Another unsupervised learning approach, hierarchical clustering, is used to group together unlabeled data points with comparable features.

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