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Course Content


You'll utilise the Settings editor to evaluate and alter VS Code settings to modify user settings. Use the following VS Code menu command to enter the Settings editor: File > Preferences > Settings on Windows/Linux. Code > Preferences > Settings on macOS.

  • Get VS Code and install it.
  • Make a new document.
  • Take a look at the user interface in general.
  • Install your preferred programming language's support.
  • Using keymap extensions, you may simply change your keyboard shortcuts and migrate from other editors.
  • Use themes to personalise your editor.

  • Press the 'Windows-Key' on your keyboard "Enter percent APPDATA percent CodeUser by pressing +R. Also, at this location, delete'setting. json'.
  • Press the 'Windows-Key' key "Enter percent USERPROFILE percent.vscodeextensions by pressing +R. And then remove all of the extensions from there.

You can use this vscode addon to define settings for any number of your launches. Separate keybindings can be used to create json configurations or compound settings. In a multi-root workspace, these launch configs can be in any root folder.

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