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  • Make a directory to keep the project in.
  • Go to the newly created directory.
  • Type git init to get started.
  • Make a program.
  • To add the files, use git add (see the typical use page).
  • git commit is the command to use.

A new Git repository is created with the git init command. It can be used to convert an unversioned project to a Git repository or to create a new repository from scratch. Because most other Git commands are only available in a repository that has been established, this is usually the first command you'll use in a new project.

Use the git remote add command in the directory where your repository is kept on the terminal to add a new remote. There are two arguments to the git remote add command: For example, "my awesome new remote repo" is a unique remote name. A remote URL that you can locate in your Git repo's Source sub-tab.

To address the question straight, no. There have been demands to add groups to Github, but it does not appear likely (at this point in time). Because Github's search is speedy and inline, searching for acme__ in your repo list will return all of the acme__ project's repos.

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