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GitHub Packages is a hosting and management platform for packages, containers, and other dependencies. GitHub Packages brings your source code and packages together in one place, allowing you to concentrate your software development on GitHub and manage permissions and billing in one spot.

Releases in GitHub are GitHub's one-stop solution for providing software packages in binary files, as well as release notes, for each software release. Binary files are an excellent technique to provide the user with a version of the software in the form of code up to a certain point.

  • Log in to GitHub Packages with your GitHub account. See "Authenticating to GitHub Packages" for further information.
  • Upload your project's.npmrc file to the repository where GitHub Packages can discover it.
  • In your project, add package.json to use the package you're installing.
  • The package must be installed. npm install is a command that installs npm modules.

To manage issues, accept fixes, and deploy new releases of our client libraries, we use github. Our release procedure is a little different in that we want "private" individual commits between releases.

To "publish" a Go package, all you have to do is make it available via a public URL. You've already published your package by placing it on GitHub. As proof, you can look at the GoDoc. The doc search may take a while to update, but once you've loaded the GoDoc once, the indexing will happen automatically.

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