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Git is a great example because it is both free and open source. You can download it for free and use it whatever you like. Additionally, you have the right to use and/or rework the source code.

Git is a distributed version control system that contains two repositories: a remote repository on a server and a local repository on each developer's PC. This means that the code is not just saved on a central server, but that every developer's PC has a complete copy of the code.

The first thing to remember about git is that running a server isn't all that difficult. Git employs a distributed source control architecture, which means that your local clone of a repository doesn't link to all of your coworkers, but it does connect to a "remote," which is usually a central server or service on the internet.

In situations like these, or when you want greater control, running Git on your own server is the ideal option. You save money while also having more control over your server. In most situations, advanced Linux users already have their own servers, therefore sending Git to those hosts is as cheap as beer.

This implies that when working with Git, you have a full repository at work and a copy (called a clone) of the full repository at home. You may work on your home computer, making changes, reading commit messages, comparing branches, and so on.

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