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You can utilise Git help if you're having problems remembering commands or options for commands. The help command can be used in a variety of ways in the command line: git command -help - Displays all of the command's possible options.

Git will work the same way it does on Linux or OS X now that it's installed. All you have to do now is open Command Prompt (from the Start menu, select "Run," input cmd, and press Enter), and you can use Git commands as usual.

The git push command is used to transfer content from a local repository to a remote repository. Pushing is the process of sending commits from a local repository to a remote repository. It's similar to git fetch, except that instead of importing commits to local branches, pushing exports them to remote branches.

1: git fetch... 2: git checkout... 3: git init... 4: git commit... 5: git push... 6: git diff...

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