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GitHub Actions is a CI/CD platform for automating your build, test, and deployment process. You can build and test every pull request in your repository with workflows, or push merged pull requests to production with workflows.

Both public repositories and self-hosted runners can use GitHub Actions for free. Depending on the product used with the account, each GitHub account receives a set amount of free minutes and storage for private repositories.

  • Go to the action in your workflow that you wish to use.
  • To copy the workflow syntax, go to "Installation" and click "Copy."
  • Add the syntax to your workflow as a new step.
  • If the activity necessitates inputs, include them in your workflow.

GitHub Actions automatically redact secrets printed to the log to assist avoid accidental secret disclosure, however this is not a true security border because secrets might be transmitted to the log on purpose.

  • Click your profile photo in the upper-right corner of any page, then Settings.
  • Select Billing and plans from the "Access" portion of the sidebar.
  • View the specifics of your minutes used under "GitHub Actions."

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