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GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files directly from a GitHub repository, runs them through a build process if desired, and then publishes a website. In the GitHub Pages examples collection, you can see examples of GitHub Pages sites.

GitHub Pages is GitHub's project pages replacement, allowing you to host any static website directly from your repository. You can host a static website on GitHub pages for free, with deploys straight from Git, because GitHub pages supports custom domains.

You can rapidly construct a site from your GitHub repositories with GitHub Pages, which is a terrific way to distribute static material like resumes, portfolios, and project blogs. You've come to the correct place if you're new to GitHub Pages and want to learn how to create and host a GitHub Pages site.

You can only create one Human Page per GitHub account (representing a user or an organisation), but you can create an unlimited number of Project pages.

Sites that are privately published have a different subdomain than sites that are publicly published. This ensures the security of your GitHub Pages site from the minute it's published: Every subdomain of * is automatically secured.

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