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Gist is a simple way to share data snippets or extracts with others. A gist can be a single line of code, a bash script, or any other little amount of information. GitHub acts as a storehouse for these bits of information.

The fact that the URL is more or less unguessable makes private gists more or less secret. It isn't really restricted by authentication.

Gists allow you to exchange code snippets, complete files, and even apps. When running, debugging, or testing your code, you may also utilise gists to preserve and share console output. Each gist is a repository that other people can clone or fork.

In simple terms, GitHub refers to the entire website, whereas gists refer to GitHub's specific services. GitHub is a platform that makes it simple to share files, information, and even whole projects. There are choices for sharing files confidentially among a team or making them public to the entire globe.

The essential point is the definition of gist. When you summarise what someone has just said to you in one sentence, that is an example of gist. A legal basis for a lawsuit is an example of gist.

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