Course Content

Course Content


  • Collaboration.
  • Automated systems
  • Continue to improve.
  • Action that is centered on the customer.
  • Always keep the end in mind when creating.

In 2018, Microsoft purchased Github, another DevOps solution with many of the same capabilities. So, what's the deal with that? Microsoft purchased GitHub in order to increase its focus on open-source development and to introduce Microsoft's developer tools to new audiences; as a result, they now have two mature and popular DevOps solutions.

DevOps is essential because it is a software development and operations approach that allows for faster product creation and easier deployment maintenance.

DevOps is a collection of methods, technologies, and a mindset that automates and integrates software development and IT teams' processes. Team empowerment, cross-team communication and collaboration, and technology automation are all emphasised.

DevOps' key principles are automation, continuous delivery, and quick feedback response. The CAMS acronym contains a more extensive explanation of DevOps pillars: Human communication, technical processes, and tools are all examples of culture.

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