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git pull is one of Git's four remote operations. Your local repository will never be updated with changes from the remote unless you perform git pull. At the very least, git pull should be used every time you interact with a remote repository. As a result, one of the most commonly used Git commands is git pull.

Push: delivers commits to the recipient and requests that they update their branch. This necessitates that everything on their end is in order. It is impossible to combine simultaneous growth in this way. Pull: executes git fetch, which fetches commits and updates your Git's remote-tracking name, before running a second Git command to update your branch.

Many commands claim to be capable of'syncing' remote material, including git pull. The git remote command is used to indicate which remote endpoints will be used by the synchronising operations. To upload content to a remote repository, use the git push command.

The git push command is used to transfer content from a local repository to a remote repository. Pushing is the process of sending commits from a local repository to a remote repository.

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