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Facebook marketing is a method to increase the social media presence on the platform. It includes a variety of strategies such as advertising, paid posts and sponsored stories. The objective of this marketing is to reach out to new audiences and build a stronger relationship with the users.

  • Make the content appealing (really good)
  • Encourage others to share.
  • Make material that appeals to a broad audience.
  • Different campaign goals should be tested.
  • Create content specifically for audiences who are similar to your target demographic.
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The traffic goal is to get people to visit your website or app. With traffic as your goal, you can design ads that: direct users to a specific location, such as a website, app, phone call, or Messenger conversation (Website Clicks) Boost the number of people who visit your mobile or desktop app (App Engagement)

  • Go to Facebook and sign in with your username and password.
  • From the Pages area in the left sidebar, select the Facebook fan page for which you wish to see traffic statistics.
  • Then, under "Edit Page," select "Insights."
  • In the Users area of Facebook Insights, click the "See Details" tab.

It costs $1.70 per thousand impressions to run a traffic ad on Facebook, according to AdEspresso data. So if you want to run one ad and reach 500 people with it, you will spend $7 in total.

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