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Brands can use FB Marketing to advertise their products and services. There are several ways in which brands can create awareness for their product. One of them is by creating an ad with the reach of a brand awareness campaign.

There are numerous strategies to develop, promote, and establish brand awareness, but here are a few that you can begin with right now.

  • Make the most of your natural social media presence.
  • Create a unique voice for your company.
  • Begin a podcast.
  • Participate in brand collaborations.
  • Give out anything for free.
  • Use native advertising to your advantage.

Advantages of using a brand awareness ad includes the ability to target a wider demographic while still maintaining visibility. They are also cost-effective since they don't require extensive production costs like television commercials. Lastly, brands can use them as a method of communicating their message to more people through the use of targeted media buys.

Advertisers who want to show advertising to those who are more likely to remember them should use the brand awareness goal. The projected ad recall lift (people) measure, which displays how many people we think would remember your ad if we asked them within two days, is provided by the brand awareness goal.

The differences between these two types of ads is vast. One is more targeted and the other is a more broader campaign that can include a variety of ads. When creating a brand awareness ad, the goal is for people to remember the brand's name and their product or service. Facebook ads help you build your audience by promoting your blog posts, videos, and other content on your page or group. You can target specific demographics or even create video ads with Facebook Live.

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