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To parse a JSON array into its JavaScript equivalent, we used the JSON. parse method. The JSON string that should be parsed is the only parameter we gave to the method. A SyntaxError exception is generated if you provide invalid JSON to the method.

  • Create a New Project.
  • Working with the activity_main.xml file.
  • Create another layout resource file.
  • Working with the MainActivity.kt file.

getJSONArray(int index): Get the JSONArray type value with this method. We pass the index, and if it exists, it produces a JSONArray; otherwise, it throws a JSONException. 6. getJSONObject(int index): Get the JSONObject type value with this function.

JSON is a computer language that stands for Javascript Object Notation. It's simple, text-based, and a JavaScript subset. It's a different kind of XML. The parsing of JSON objects and arrays is supported by Android.

JSON has an advantage over XML since it has a map data structure that corresponds to the actual data, making interpretation easier and data layout more predictable. The JSON data structure aids in the development of RESTful APIs by simplifying data exchange mechanisms. The same data representation approach is used in JSON as it is in code.

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