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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation. It's utilised to send data from the server to the destination. XML parsing is more difficult than JSON parsing. Apart from that, JSON is a lightweight, structured, and self-contained data interchange format for parsing data.

Android's notification constant and method are very useful in many ways. They make the user experience less cluttered by grouping notifications into a single list. The Notification List is a new feature of Android 8.0 Oreo that allows users to group notifications from different apps into one list instead of having multiple, individual lists for each app.

JSON is a computer language that stands for Javascript Object Notation. It's simple, text-based, and a JavaScript subset. It's a different kind of XML. The parsing of JSON objects and arrays is supported by Android.

XML tags are used to specify data and store and arrange it. It's simple to develop and scalable. XML is a lightweight markup language that doesn't make layout heavy and is used to implement UI-related data in Android. Only tags are present in XML, and they must be invoked in order to be used.

JSON is a data interchange standard that merely specifies how to encode data. XML is a markup language specification language that may be used for a lot more than just data transmission.

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