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Implementations of LayoutManager that arrange things in a grid. WearableLinearLayoutManager. Basic offsetting logic for updating child layout is provided by this wear-specific implementation of LinearLayoutManager. This is a RecyclerView. Implementation of LayoutManager, which is identical to ListView in terms of functionality.

  • Making Use of the RecyclerView
  • Create a model class that will be used as a data source.
  • To display the items, add a RecyclerView to your activity.
  • To visualise the item, create a custom row layout XML file.
  • Create a RecyclerView in your app. To render the object, you'll need an Adapter and a ViewHolder.
  • To populate the RecyclerView, connect the adapter to the data source.

The ScrollingView interface is implemented by the RecyclerView class, which extends the ViewGroup class. Marshmallow is where it first appears. It's a more advanced version of the ListView, with better speed and additional features.

  • Include the Recycler View widget as a dependency in your project. Implementation '' is the most recent dependency for Recycler View. Add the Card View dependency as well.
  • Create the layout file activity main.xml. The principal activity.

A ViewHolder holds information about an item view and its location in the RecyclerView. RecyclerView. Implementations of ViewHolder should subclass ViewHolder and provide properties for caching possibly expensive View findViewById(int) results.

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