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android.widget. SearchView. A widget that allows a user to enter a search query and submit it to a search provider through a user interface. If available, displays a list of query recommendations or results and allows the user to select one to launch into.

This feature is helpful when you want to find content quickly. For example, if you are looking for a specific blog post or article on a certain topic, you can use this view to quickly find what you're looking for. It's also helpful when looking at older versions of your content or checking back over your social media posts.

When you initialise the SearchView (e.g. in onCreateOptionsMenu(..) or onPrepareOptionsMenu(..), call setIconifiedByDefault(false) to make it expand by default. In most circumstances, this will automatically give it focus, but if it doesn't, simply call requestFocus() on it.

Android's Search View is the default option for most Android users. Google uses a combination of different sources to get information for their search view.

The Search view is the default search option in Google, and it is optimized for finding content on a specific topic. This includes the ability to filter by type of content, such as news, videos, images, or web pages. Users can also use this view to find content that may be relevant to a particular keyword or phrase.

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