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The term "running" refers to the process of executing a programme in order to obtain a result. Debugging is the process of locating an error.

Debugging is the systematic process of identifying and lowering the amount of flaws (or faults) in a computer programme, allowing it to function as intended. ... programme to provide inaccurate output (or "crash") while it is running. This video will look at how to debug a run-time error in C code in a systematic way.

If you're only debugging one programme, select it with the cursor and click F7 (Debug->Run). UniPaaS will save your modifications before executing the programme, so you don't have to exit the task you're working on to run it. To run the project as a whole, click CTRL+F7 (Debug->Run Project).

7 Steps to Efficient and Effective Debugging:

  • Always try to reproduce the bug before making any changes to the code.
  • Recognize Stack Traces.
  • Create a test case that replicates the problem.
  • Be Aware of Error Codes.
  • Go to Google! Bing, duck duck GO!
  • Use Pair Programming to Get Out of It.
  •  Rejoice in Your Fix.

Debugging is the act of finding and fixing current and potential flaws (often known as "bugs") in software code that might cause it to behave abnormally or crash. Debugging is used to detect and fix bugs or problems in software or systems to prevent them from malfunctioning.

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